Happy holidays machine

Techniek Talent is an organization witch aims to spark curiosity for technical education. They asked us to develop a series of social media videos to use as online greeting cards. We tink its important to show that technical engineering is fun and part of our everyday lives. So we've created three elaborate machines, one for every message. The first one is the start of it all, booting up a new year of school. The last one to wish everyone a happy new year.

Besides revealing the message at the end we wanted to show a lot of different elements of technical engineering. Not just mechanical, but also electrical, botanical, climate, mobile, food and fireworks. The videos had a short exposure time, however they also had a big impact. It generated a lot of likes, views, comments and traffic.

Client: Techniek Talent
Concept & production: United Enterprise
Music & sound-design: United Enterprise

Special thanks: Ton and Eva

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