The Techlab Quiz

The Techlab is a laboratory within a museum. It is a place where kids can experiment in a hands-on manner and simultaneously learn about trains and their technical structure. We've researched how to translate a technical train lab into a catchy promotional video?

To get inspired for a job like this, we like to find out what triggers our own curiosity and playfulness. Furthermore, we believe that asking the right questions is the best way to get someone curious to find an answer and give a little taste of what the Techlab has to offer. And what’s the best way to ask questions? Exactly, a Quiz!

The Techlab has several experiments. We used the experiment that explains the advantage of a train wheel over two other wheels. By translating this to a Quizzie-like setting we aspire to excite the audience by testing their knowledge. Eventhough it is no surprise which wheel is the fastest, since it is a Spoorwegmuseum video, the actual physics behind this advantage is unknown to a lot of people. To find this out, you must come to the Techlab and discover it yourself!

Since we chose to use a quiz, it is possible to develop a complete series of videos about different technical train facets of the museum. And those videos can act as promotional cluster bomb on sociale media.

Client: Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht
Concept & production: United Enterprise
Camera: Ward Brandsma
Music & sound-design: Elephant Ears
Voice over: Barry de Bruin
Voice over recording: Menno Keij

Special thanks: Marleen and Josephine