Curious Science

This is one of those museums we get enthusiastic about! A place driven by contemporary research of the university TU Delft, which is translated into experimental installations for kids. This creates a hands-on environment for the development of curious, future researchers. The only question that remains: How do we reach these kids?

We always strive to find the elements of a museum that captures the essence of its being. For this museum you need to be curious. If you’re not, you will never be a future researcher or even slightly interested in the museum. Since curiosity plays a big part, our main goal was to represent this in a way that works well with the museum and on social media. This resulted in a series of catchy square videos sparking curiosity.

Client: TU Science Centre
Concept & production: United Enterprise
Sound design: United Enterprise
Hand acting: Maarten Kok

Special thanks: Jules Dudok