War belongs in a museum

War is in no way fun, playful or amusing. So it’s tempting to make an emotional or heavy statement. And that’s exactly the reason we've tried something else, something that treats this subject with delicacy but also creates an uplifting and positive feel. Besides having a soft spot for the miniature world, it's also in common use for explaining war situations and imagining bygone times. Which makes it a effective way of storytelling. A story that seems obvious at first, only to reveal a world of contracts, collaboration and tiny jokes.

A war museum is a place of memories, but also an environment where we're confronted with the horrors of war without actually being in war. In the video we aim to show the upside of war as a historic event which only belongs in a museum. We have strived to use this element as subject for the video. Since the museum is built because of war and everyone that was involved, we instantly thought of the analogy with collaboration. Would it be a good idea to let German, American and English soldiers (Allies and Nazis) literally build the catchphrase of the museum? So that the ones who actually experienced the war, collectively agree that it is something that belongs in the museum and not real life. This setting opened a door for feelings of solidarity and some funny situations.

Client: Oorlogsmuseum Overloon
Concept & production: United Enterprise
Camera: Ward Brandsma
Sound design: United Enterprise

Special thanks: Erik van den Dungen, Erwin Fienieg