Introduction to applied gaming

The Trimbos Institute is a mental health and addiction research and knowledge center. Not the first thing you might think of when you think about gaming. But video games can be an excelent tool for the treatment of mental health issues. The institute wanted to spark curiosity and give an introduction to this theme and there involvement in the development of these kind of games. So we've build a game-like set in which we could explain what applied gaming is and how it is used.

We always strive to find a style that not just suits the theme, but also works as a visual language to best explain the subject-matter. We've tried to find the right balance between video game aesthetics and a trustworthy, scientific look.

Client: Trimbos Instituut
Concept & production: United Enterprise
Music & sound design: Elephant Ears
Voice over: Stacie Lyons
Voice over recording: Rammón van Gammeren
Hand acting: Maarten Kok, Sietse Koenders

Special thanks: Marjan Heuving, Liselotte van Schie, LetoLab Digital Fabrication), Mike van Creij, Joost van 't Hof, Maarten Horstink, Liang L.Y. Chan